How To Get Free Hearing Aids

Sufferers of hearing loss can get hearing aid assistance from numerous groups, including business, medical and charitable organizations. The cost of a hearing aid should not prevent individuals from seeking treatment. Free high quality hearing aids are available for qualified individuals.
Step 1Start searching for a free hearing aid by discussing the matter with a healthcare professional. A doctor's diagnosis is necessary to qualify for hearing aid assistance, and healthcare professionals are some of the best sources for assistance information.

Step 2Contact the Lions Club International. The Lions club provides assistance for hearing loss sufferers who cannot afford the proper care. Many chapters of the Lions Club have hearing aid banks for people in need.

Step 3Go to an implant center. Many cochlear implant centers can help the less fortunate obtain hearing aids. Although the centers are profit-making businesses, they provide many services for needy people.

Step 4Get in touch with the manufacturers directly. Some manufacturers of hearing devices provide free hearing aids, especially for children. Families with children in need should contact the Miracle Ear Children's Foundation.

Step 5Find a private foundation. There are many small private foundations that provide hearing aid support on a case by case basis.


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